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Meet our team

Our senior team

Judit Hamori

Talent selection

Coming from top-tier human resource search & selection solution providers, I joined a freshly established boutique company operates in recruitment consulting. In that very moment I became an entrepreneur, which was an evident career progress. Now I have the opportunity work in an agile style in HR advisory mandates with distinghuished partners both on the local and regional market. Among others I contribute to build business strategy and employer branding and to develop leadership and organizations. Regarding my professional mission, what really drives me is the human capital. I believe people are key in making profit, so we have to care for their skills and competences as investors.

Education & Certificates:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics - postgraduate studies in HR
  • Eotvos Lorand University – MsC psychologist
  • PwC – New Human Bridge - Action Learning Certificate of Merit
  • ICF - ACC studies, Coaching Psychology Licence

Professional Credo

Amongst the latest OD and L&D solutions individual and team coaching is a key to corporate success. Professionalism, commitment and sustainability rest on talent management and personal development, accordingly HR is accountable for to never forget to keep focus on people. 

Coaching is a decisive solution, an investment in people. Novel personal competences and skills become accessible. Performance can be multiplied and enjoyed on company-level.

The core values I follow

  • behaviours and attitudes of development focused leadership,
  • responsibility,
  • self-reflection,
  • autonomy, 
  • action orientation and solution focus, 
  • innovation, 
  • mobilization of knowledge and resources, 
  • experimential learning